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A first look at the new signage at Guaranteed Rate Field

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The Chicago-based mortgage lender’s logo has been affixed to the South Side stadium’s exterior

Starting today, the South Side ballpark where the Chicago White Sox play will now be officially called Guaranteed Rate Field. The name change from U.S. Cellular Field was announced in late August and yesterday workers began removing the old signage and putting up the new Guaranteed Rate branded signs.

Today we have a better look at the new official name and how it will look on the exterior of the Bridgeport ballpark. While the mortgage lender did consider redesigning their logo for the White Sox, they continued forward with the current branding which features a downward pointing arrow—which is supposed to suggest low mortgage rates, but has caused some concern and frustration among White Sox faithful.

While Chicagoans are not exactly always welcoming of name changes (the Willis Tower is still often referred to as the Sears Tower by locals), the name of Guaranteed Rate Field is going to stick for at least 13 years.

Guaranteed Rate Field

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