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Watch a time lapse of downtown Chicago in the glory of 4K

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The video’s creator has squeezed eight months of footage into three and a half minutes

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen a good time lapse video of Chicago, but fortunately one hit our tip line ( for the uninitiated) this afternoon. And what better time of the week to zone out to a mesmerizing video of the city than a Friday afternoon? Titled Urbanique Chicago, the video’s creator, Chris Biela, explains that the video features footage that was shot over a period of eight months.

This time lapse journey throughout Chicago took over 8 months to shoot and collect clips. The whole project required a lot of sacrifice and time. My goal was to capture some of the cities well known events like ST. Patrick's Day "river dyeing green", Air and Water Show, Navy Pier fireworks, Bridge lift and boat run, sunrise under the "Cloud Gate", three times full moon during summer time, new ferries wheel, NHL Draft Town etc. There is much more going on in the city and it's impossible for me to capture all, but that is a beauty of it.

But the work didn’t end with shooting the footage. In the video description, Biela indicates that the editing and processing took many more hours. It’s a good thing he put in the work though for all us of to enjoy the final product.