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Proposed townhouse development near Clark and Lawrence hopes to move forward

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The yet-to-be-approved plan calls for 24 residences with 48 parking spaces

Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood could be on track for yet another new residential development as a parcel just north of Chase Park has been revealed as a possible townhouse development. Penned by Axios Architects, the three-story project will include 24 homes accessed off of an existing alleyway running between the public park and the development site.

According to Uptown Update and information posted on the website of Alderman Ameya Pawar (47th), developer SNS Realty Group is seeking a special use for ground floor residential, a variation to reduce the front yard setback requirement, and the removal of the parcel’s Pedestrian Street Designation.

Though the two-story structure holding the southwest corner of Clark and Lawrence will remain, the older brick building and its single story sibling currently occupied by Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4) at 4740 N. Clark will be demolished under the plan. If approved, the proposed 24 townhomes would include a combined 48 parking spaces and no on-site affordable housing component.