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This $2 million condo on the 61st floor of Aqua isn’t even that nice

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While it’s hard to beat the views, the rest of the unit doesn’t quite live up to the hefty asking price

Designed by architect Jeanne Gang and completed in 2009, Chicago’s famous Aqua tower is known for its skyline views, high prices, and impeccable design. Seeking $2,000,0000, this recently listed three-bedroom, three-bathroom corner unit on the tower’s 61st floor certainly embodies these first two aspects but comes up a bit short on the design side of the equation.

Once the impact of the awesome view fades, the rest of the unit just isn’t as nice as expected for $1,000 per square foot. Perhaps most underwhelming is the condo’s wood-trimmed kitchen and its beige bathrooms that look more like they belong in 1999 than 2009. A lack of staged furniture combined with the buff-painted walls also don’t do the listing photos any favors either.

The so-so appearance of the unit is even more apparent when compared to the bright rooms and high ceilings of a penthouse unit that was for sale earlier this year. That particular home, however, wanted quite a bit more than $2 million—nearly three times that amount to be more precise.


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