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Lake Point Tower’s private sports car garage is back on the market

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A dream come true for any Ferrari aficionado, the garage still wants $1.5 million (cars sold separately)

Thanks to Chicago’s potholed roads, salty winters, glacial rush hour traffic, and flatter-than-a-pancake topography, the Windy City isn’t really the ideal place to enjoy a classic European sports car. But if you’re a wealthy, city-dwelling car enthusiast searching for the ultimate urban “garage-mahal” to store and admire your collection of rare Ferraris and racing memorabilia, look no further than this $1.5 million private space buried deep inside Chicago’s Lake Point Tower.

Perhaps the architectural antithesis of Highland Park’s transparent Ferris Bueller house, the bunker-like space was created by consolidating 12 individual parking stalls into a single 2,700-square-foot, climate-controlled room. Previously asking $3.4 million back in 2013 when it was bundled with a two-bedroom unit on the tower’s 67th floor, the property was later re-listed by itself in early 2015 seeking $1.5 million.

Now back on the market—and without any hint of a price reduction—Lakepoint’s secret garage is still looking for that elusive well-heeled, car-loving buyer. Disappointingly, the seven-digit price does not include any of the curvy antique roadsters featured in the photos.