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Lobby art in upcoming office tower will be Chicago’s largest LED display

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150 N. Riverside will showcase curated multimedia programming on a 3,000-square-foot display

While the lobby of Chicago’s upcoming office tower at 150 N. Riverside will feature an impressive 100-foot soaring glass wall plus an up-close look at the 54-story skyscraper’s unique tapering core-supported base, future visitors can also expect to be wowed by a massive multimedia art installation. Designed primarily to dress-up the blank wall of the parking deck located under the Goettsch Partners-designed building’s new elevated park, the LED display will be made up of multiple panels totaling more than 3,000 square feet in combined area.

Sheer size won’t be the only factor distinguishing 150 N. Riverside’s electronic lobby art. Unlike LED walls found in other office buildings, this installation hopes to partner with “important educational and cultural institutions in Chicago” to feature the work of artists both world-renowned and emerging. The project will be curated by creative director Yuge Zhou and aims to be operational this spring—shortly after the 747-foot riverfront tower is expected to welcome its first tenants.