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CTA fares will not increase for 2017

Despite undertaking nearly a dozen major improvement projects, CTA transit fares are not expected to increase next year

The CTA has just unveiled its proposed budget for 2017. According to the plan, the CTA will operate on a budget of $1.524 billion dollars. The transit agency indicates that it will not raise the price of transit fares while providing the same bus and rail service—marking the eighth straight year that the CTA has not increased the price of transit fares. However, the CTA will continue working on numerous improvement projects, which include the construction of the high profile Red-Purple Bypass project, the renovation of the Wilson Red Line station, and the complete overhaul of the 3200-series cars on the Brown and Orange lines.

In addition to the improvements to trains and existing stations, the CTA says that the plans for new stations is not only important for their utility, but because they will feature the designs and artwork of notable architects and artists. And indeed, the CTA is looking to up its architectural cache through new projects such as the recently announced renovation of the Belmont Blue Line station from Ross Barney Architects, the 95th Street Terminal by architecture and engineering firm exp, the contemporary new design for the Illinois Medical District station, and the creation of the new Washington/Wabash super-station also designed by exp.