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Nicely refinished Logan Square single family home seeks $535K

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This home was stripped to the studs and completely rebuilt

While hundreds of new apartments are currently being wrapped up in the Logan Square area, single family homes are still in high demand. Sure, developers are looking to tap into the market for young affluent renters, but a nicely rehabbed home may actually be a hotter commodity, particularly for those with families. This old frame home on Shakespeare has been completely gutted and refinished and is asking $535,000. It’s not a cheesed out rehab with unnecessarily pricey finishes and over the top treatments, but it’s also not a low-budget job either. The layout works together nicely and the finishes are appropriate for the type of house. There’s a completely finished basement level and a new outdoor deck, so there’s plenty of room for living and entertaining. It’s certainly got some curb appeal and looks to be a practical home, so this one may not be around for long.