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Work underway on Hyde Park’s long-planned Solstice tower

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In the planning stages since 2007, the Studio Gang-designed project is moving ahead

After nearly a decade on the drawing board waiting out the global economic crisis, Hyde Park’s 26-story Solstice on the Park project is finally moving dirt. The site of the future building—located just north of Jackson Park’s Museum of Science and Industry—was fenced-off earlier this month and received its construction permit yesterday. Expected to be completed by late spring of 2018, the 250 unit apartment tower comes from developer MAC Properties and Chicago-based design firm Studio Gang.

Solstice on the Park was designed specifically with energy efficiency in mind. Its high-performance glass facade will alternates at 71-degree angles—inspired by the sun’s position during the summer solstice—to take advantage of the low sun in the winter as well as create its own shade in the warmer months.

The color scheme of tower appears to have once again changed. While the building’s original white and green design was replaced by a grayscale (and perhaps unfinished) rendering on Studio Gang’s website this summer, Solstice on the Park now seems to have now embraced a warmer, earthier look.

Solstice on the Park

5540 South Cornell Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637 Visit Website