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Richard Marx shaves another $2M off ask for suburban mansion

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In total, Marx has reduced the ask on his David Adler-designed mansion by $6 million

Rock legend Richard Marx has slashed the price on his suburban mansion once again, this time lowering the asking price by $2 million. The 30,000-square-foot mansion is certainly grand in statue, but Marx is beginning to realize how difficult it is to unload palatial mansions in the suburbs. And the ask certainly reflects this, going from a whopping $18 million back in November of 2014 to the current $11.99 million ask today.

The Georgian-style home was designed by noted architect David Adler and features seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. Beyond the sheer size of the mansion, the home also sports some unique extras, mainly the full blown recording studio complete with acoustic treatments and a control room. There’s also a spacious theater room and a large five acre lot.

Is there more wiggle room in the ask for this mansion? At this point, the initial $18 million ask sure seems lofty, but millions have been slashed off the price to help solicit interest. This palatial mansion will be right here waiting for you.