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The best Open House Chicago Instagrams from this weekend

Over 200 sites were featured in this year’s Open House Chicago

Open House Chicago, the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s annual weekend exhibition that opens up dozens (or in this year’s case, hundreds) of buildings around Chicago to the public, helps to paint a portrait of Chicago’s great architectural legacy. And it’s not just about Chicago’s most famous or well known buildings either. Open House Chicago offers access to some lesser known buildings and places that are generally not open to the public. This past weekend, thousands of people explored the city to get an in-person look at the 200+ sites that participated in this year’s Open House Chicago. From sacred spaces, to old hotels, to brand new apartment towers, there was a little bit of everything featured in this past year’s Open House Chicago. Here’s a look back at some of the best images shared across social over the weekend.

One of my favs this year at OHC! #openhousechicago2016

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#OHC2016 w/ @chiarchitecture @choosechicago

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#OpenHouseChicago #OpenHouseChicago2016 #OHC #OHC2016

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Not for no reason is Second Presbyterian a National Historic Landmark #OHC2016

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You, me, and everybody else at Yale Building this weekend... #ohc2016

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