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Southport Corridor residents to get first look at transit-oriented development proposal

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A meeting to discuss the new proposal will take place this evening

A new development for the popular Southport Corridor has surfaced and will make a formal appearance this evening at a public meeting. The plan comes from Seminary Properties & Management, who is seeking a zoning change to build 21 apartments and nearly 2,500 square feet of ground-level retail space at 3647-49 N. Southport Avenue. Due to its taking advantage of the transit-oriented development ordinance, the development would feature only six total vehicle parking spaces (one will be dedicated to a ride share service). However, there will be room to park 42 bicycles on site. The existing buildings at the site are a single-story retail building and a frame two-flat with a ground level retail space.

According to the Southport Corridor blog, the Southport Neighbors Association group will be hosting a meeting this evening along with the developer to discuss the plan. The meeting will be held at the Mercury Theater (3745 N Southport) and will begin at 7:00 p.m.