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Which new high-profile university project is your favorite?

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Chicago’s various institutions have added a number of striking buildings to their campuses in recent years

It perhaps shouldn’t be too surprising that some of the most unique and architecturally interesting buildings that have been built in the Chicago area in recent years have been built at the city’s various universities. Good architecture and innovative buildings are an important component to standing out and attracting students. And over the last several years, the various institutions around the Chicago area have added a number of very striking buildings to their campuses.

Most recently, the University of Chicago officially welcomed the first residents to its new Studio Gang-designed dorm complex. But this pricey new development isn’t the only noteworthy building to arrive at Chicago’s universities. Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management also recently celebrated the opening of its KPMB Architects-designed facility in Evanston. Northeastern Illinois University also made a big statement a couple of years ago when it welcomed students to its new El Centro campus designed by JGMA. DePaul also upped its architectural offerings when it opened its new Pelli Clarke Pelli-designed theater school in 2013.

Chicago universities are doing good by helping reinforce Chicago’s reputation and legacy as an important city in the world of architecture. Which ones are your favorites?