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The five least expensive Loop listings are all under $200K

The prices of these units are as small as the spaces themselves

Looking for a downtown condo but on a tight budget? No worries, there are actually quite a few places for sale under the $250,000 mark. And surprisingly, there are actually a handful of listings that are asking less than $200,000. However, there is a tradeoff—the monthly assessments on these units are all over $400. If you’ve got some money saved up and are looking to finally claim a downtown apartment for yourself, here’s a good place to start.

182 W. Lake Street #609 - $135,000

For the price of a new luxury sports coupe, you could call this cozy one-bedroom unit in the Century Tower home. However if you’re looking to purchase something like this to use as a rental property, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The listing agent mentions that the it’s got to be an owner-occupied unit only. This one has been on the market for 171 days.

182 W. Lake Street #813 - $156,000

Sorry folks, this is actually the best photo from the listing. Here’s another one at the Century Tower, but this one cracks the $150K mark. At 31 days, this one has been on the market for just a month.

182 W. Lake Street #1902 - $159,000

Here’s the Loop’s third least expensive unit and guess where it’s located? Yup, you got it—the Century Tower. While units can be very inexpensive in the historic building, the monthly assessments aren’t exactly cheap. The monthly assessment on this two-bedroom unit is a whopping $697.

6 E. Monroe Street #601 - $199,900

Judging by photos, this one-bedroom unit on Monroe Street looks to be the nicest of the five. It’s listed as a single bedroom, but it’s kind of more of a convertible style unit. Either way, it’s not bad for the price, but yet again, it’s going to come with a fairly steep monthly assessment ($523).

8 W. Monroe Street #1106 - $199,999

At just a single dollar shy of the $200,000 mark, this Monroe Street one-bedroom is the fifth least expensive condo for sale in the Loop. The listing agent also mentions that the seller is offering a new appliance credit, so that may help out a bit. The $421 monthly assessment is surprisingly the least expensive on the list.