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Approved River North hotel tweaks its design, heads back before the city

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The 17-story project will feature 200 rooms and no on-site parking

Despite unanimously passing the Chicago Plan Commission in May to rise 180 feet and feature 200 rooms and 5,000 square feet of retail space, a glassy limited service hotel proposed for a vacant River North lot is once again going back before the city. Known by its address of 100 W. Huron, the project will make a $206,142.00 contribution to Chicago’s Neighborhood Opportunity Fund. While a number of previously approved projects have done the same to “buy” additional height or floor area, the net result for 100 W. Huron will curiously see the hotel remain at the exact same height and room count. Could this be a case of the city retroactively applying the neighborhood opportunity ordinance?

Despite retaining the same dimensions, new diagrams submitted with the 100 W. Huron’s most recent batch of paperwork shows some minor design tweaks—most notably the addition of a subtle angular rise over the southwest corner of the tower’s parapet. While no hotel operator has been announced, this rooftop detail is fairly consistent with the corporate architecture of the Hyatt Place brand—a client that designer NORR Architects has collaborated with in the past. Developer Akara Partners had originally envisioned a boutique condo tower for the parcel before arriving on the hotel plan.