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A restored Oscar Mayer mansion hits the market asking $2.95M

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The once dilapidated home has been fully rehabbed

When the landmark Oscar Mayer mansion in Evanston first listed nearly two years ago, the old stately brick house was a shell of its former self. However, the home has since undergone an extreme makeover and returns to the market looking as good as new.

Originally built in 1901, the home is famous for belonging to famed sausage giant Oscar Mayer, who lived in the mansion from 1927 until his death in 1965. The mansion was designed by the Swedish architect Lawrence Halberg, and like many other homes built during Chicago’s gilded age, the mansion is heavily influenced by European styles.

And while the home has been mostly restored to its former grandeur, there’s also some new finishes as well. The listing agent mentions that the home has been totally rewired and features new plumbing (which is not a small job), but also features a new kitchen and master suite. Much of the original hardware, the original brick fireplace, and the original stained glass windows remain however.

When the home listed in December 2014 in its dilapidated shape, it was asking $1.75 million. Even with all of its potential, the figure was steep considering the condition it was in. It did end up selling for $1.1 million to J&S Home Renovation LLC who ended up doing the renovation work on the home. It returns to the market this week and can be had for $2.95 million.