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Striking Contemporary Mansion in Wicker Park Seeks $2.45M

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Welcome to 2016, you're now living in the future. What do homes from the future look like? They would kind of look like this one at 1617 North Wolcott, on the cusp of Wicker Park and Bucktown. Interestingly enough, this home is not brand new. It's actually almost a decade old at this point, but still pleases the eyes. Built by Randquist Development, the same developer that built the Flexhouse and Flexhouse2 row houses in Logan Square, this large 6,900-square-foot house not only has tons of space, but it's got some interesting extras. First off, the house contains five levels, so it comes with an elevator. Second, this home has some truly high-end finishes and technical upgrades, like Nest thermostats and a custom built-in speaker system. According to records, this house last sold for $2.4 million in August 2008. The listing agent says that it has received $100,000 worth of upgrades since it was first purchased. It returns to the market this week asking $2.45 million.

1617 North Wolcott Avenue, Chicago, IL [Estately]