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Think you know everything about Chicago recycling? Prove it by taking this quiz

Only 10 percent of Chicagoans get every question correct


Ever since Chicago rolled out citywide curbside recycling in 2011, many residents like to consider themselves recycling experts. However, some items that appear to be recyclable can end up contaminating the carts or clogging up machinery.

Are styrofoam cups recyclable? What about pizza boxes, cardboard cartons, shredded paper, or old wire hangers? Should you bag-up your recyclables before dropping them in the bin?

If you think you know the answers to these and other recycling questions—or have no clue but are keen to learn—check out this interactive quiz created by Recycle by City in partnership with the City of Chicago. The average score is 74 percent, and just 10 percent of Chicagoan aced all 12 questions. Where do you stack up?

In addition to the quiz and an easy-to-understand illustrated guide, you can visit the tips and links section of the site to request a new blue bin, bulk item pick-ups, or yard waste removal. The website also lists seasonal initiatives such as spring shredding events and post-Christmas tree recycling.