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First Chicago Architecture Biennial Witnessed 530K Visitors

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The first ever Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB) is being heralded as an "unequivocal success" by Mayor Emanuel after attendance numbers revealed over a half-million visitors experienced the multi-site exhibition between October 1st, 2015 and January 3rd, 2016. Figures released by the city show that 530,551 attendees visited either the main hub at the Chicago Cultural Center or one of the many satellite installations located across the city — an impressive number that includes 30,000 visitors during its first weekend alone.

Titled "The State of the Art of Architecture" and featuring innovative work from 120 contemporary architects representing 30 countries, the exhibit highlighted new ways of approaching design, materials, and their correspondence to humanity. Offering free admission for its world-class content, the CAB was the largest collection of its kind assembled in North America. Working with the Chicago Architecture Foundation, the organizers also created programs for K-12 students which brought the CAB experience to over 10,000 young people. Building from its successful debut, the Chicago Architecture Biennial is poised for a return to the Windy City in 2017 with further details — including dates, leaders, and themes — to emerge in the coming months.

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