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Brand New Ravenswood Single Family Home Seeks $1.749M

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Buyers have been scooping up new single family homes in the Chicago area at a quick pace, and because of the demand and low inventory, it's created for a seller's market. Affordable single family homes in desirable neighborhoods seem to find a contract as soon as they list, but what about more expensive ones? Developers seem to be demolishing older two-flats and bungalow-style homes to build newer and larger houses for the luxury market. This house on Hermitage Avenue in Ravenswood was completed last year, and despite having spent about a year on the market, it's still seeking a buyer. For a luxury house, it's actually refreshing to see something that is bright but also a little more conservative looking. Will this house find a buyer this year at the same $1.749 million ask it listed with in February 2015?

·4643 N Hermitage Avenue Chicago, IL 60640 [Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices]
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