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Two Brand New Contemporary Homes You Can Buy Today

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It's a new year, so if you're looking for a new you and a new house, you've got some options. A lot of newer residences throughout the northwest side lean towards the contemporary end, and these two homes are a pretty good example of what's available at the moment. They both feature open floor plans (at least for the living room and kitchen areas), huge windows and rooftop deck spaces. However, be sure that you've got some cash in the bank. These are going to cost a little more than your standard Chicago frame two-flat or worker cottage.

2324 N Hamilton Ave #2
Asking price: $719,000
Size: 3 bed, 2.5 bath (2,600 square foot duplex unit)
The skinny: Here's a newly constructed residence in the Bucktown neighborhood. This particular listing is for the second floor duplex unit. As one would expect, everything is brand new and shiny in this place. It's got a contemporary feel to it, particularly the kitchen with its modular-looking cabinets and island. This unit also gets dibs on the rooftop deck space. One drawback is its location near the Kennedy Expressway. It's just a couple of doors down and you can guarantee that you will be able to hear the white noise of vehicles passing by when hanging out on the deck.

1721 West Ellen Street
Asking price: $1.225 million
Size: 4 bed, 3.5 bath (3,400 square feet)
The skinny: You're getting more space and a full house with this listing, but it's also considerably more expensive. This one is about a ten minute walk to the Division Blue Line station, though it does come with a two-car garage. Aesthetically, it's got some similarities to the place on Hamilton, though it does have a more interesting exterior. There's also a backyard and a raw rooftop space that can be completed as its new owner sees fit. ·Real Estate Death Match archives [Curbed Chicago]
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