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And Now, Your Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year: Pullman

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After two weeks of voting, we now present the 2015 Curbed Cup champion: Pullman. Sixteen neighborhoods entered the match, but ultimately, the South Side's Pullman proved to be a formidable match against Chicago's other great neighborhoods. The final round of voting was hardly a contest as Pullman easily defeated the Loop neighborhood 1,832 votes to 282. So, what does this all mean? The Curbed Cup is a friendly competition that highlights the Chicago neighborhoods that had an active year in the news, and Pullman most certainly had a landmark year. The former factory town officially became Chicago's first national monument last February, and there's a growing movement to renovate and redevelop the neighborhood even more. Soap giant Method opened its new $30 million factory in the Pullman neighborhood last April to much fanfare. In addition, the neighborhood's annual house walk had a tremendous turnout this past year. So, here's a toast to Pullman, its diverse community of residents, its place in industrial and civic history and its bright future. Congrats on your 2015 Curbed Cup win!

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