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Developer Wants to Build You a $10M Mansion in Lincoln Park

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Move out the way single-story brick homes, one more mega-mansion may be landing in Lincoln Park if a buyer with $10.75 million steps forward. According to a new listing that just hit the market yesterday, developer BGD&C is seeking a buyer for a new custom mansion at 1945 N. Fremont. Nearby Lakeview may lead the city for teardowns, but builders are also demolishing older houses in Lincoln Park at a very fast pace. This new mansion (if a cash-flush buyer comes forward) will span 75', or three city lots. And at $10.75 million, this listing (for an unbuilt home) is now the 8th most expensive in Chicago.

The developer looking to build the mansion is the same one that built the massive mansion at 1955 N. Burling Street, that for a time, held the title as the priciest active listing in Illinois. The Burling Street mansion sold last December for $13.345 million. The listing suggests that this new mansion for Fremont could be up to 14,500-square-feet in size, which would be about 5,000-square-feet shy of its older sibling on Burling.

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