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Refinished Brick Two-Flat in Logan Square Seeks $419K

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Here's a solid opportunity on the western edge of Logan Square for aspiring live-in landlords. This brick two-flat on Avers Street has been mostly remodeled and is asking $419,000. Can you get a brick two-flat in similar condition in Logan Square for less? Perhaps, but it's not very likely. This one has clearly received a lot of work: refinished floors, a finished basement, new bathrooms, and new windows. The second floor unit also sports a brand new kitchen. While it's not completely finished, a lot has been done and this two-flat is ready to start generating revenue for its new owner. It's brand new to the market and seeking a couple of renters or a live-in owner.

·2151 N Avers Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 [Charles Rutenberg Realty]