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Here's a Quick Trip Down the New Section of Lakefront Trail

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The once winding, damaged, and often times crowded stretch of the Chicago Lakefront Trail that passes by the Theatre on the Lake in Lincoln Park has been smoothed out and is now being enjoyed by bicyclists and runners. The new stretch of path is a part of a larger the new Fullerton Revetment project, a $31.5 million undertaking that will create 5.8 acres of new park space along the lake. The new section of path was completed late last year, but one cyclist has offered a view of what it looks like to ride on it. Using a GoPro camera attached to his helmet, cyclist Evan Miller created this short hyperlapse video of the new stretch of Lakefront Trail over the weekend. While the path seems fairly barren in the video, more bicyclists and runners will be spotted using the trail as the city thaws out.
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Lakefront Trail, Chicago, IL 60614