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Funky, Colorful '70s Time Capsule in West Ridge Seeks $158K

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There are some couples that are so enamored with the style and flair of previous decades that many have become dedicated to living like they belong in the Victorian era or the 1950s. If you've always loved the freewheeling and fun music, culture and style of the '70s, then this far North Side three bedroom has your name written all over it. Located on the edge of the city's north border, this 1,877-square-foot condo is spacious, colorful, and very far out. It's Bootsy Collins meets Dr. John, Teddy Pendergrass meets Michael McDonald, the Commodores meet Steely Dan. Basically, this place is super funky. And the best part? It can be had for just over $150,000. If you've been looking for a place to relive your '70s glory days, then bust out your bell bottoms, hop in the Cadillac, and head on over towards North Kedzie Avenue.

·7141 N Kedzie Ave APT 1502, Chicago, IL 60645 [Zillow]
·Time Capsules archives [Curbed Chicago]