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Updated Albany Park Two-Flat Can Be Had for $375K

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Becoming a live-in landlord may not be something on every first time home buyer's bucket list, but for those who are looking to get the most for their money, it may be an arrangement worth considering. For instance, this quaint frame two-flat in Albany Park can be had for $375,000 — about the same price one would pay for a two bedroom condo in other popular North Side neighborhoods. While two-flats can easily be found in neighborhoods like Albany Park, Portage Park or Avondale for $300K or less, this one has received some pretty important updates. The house has new windows, new plumbing and a new three-car garage. Sure, the finishes are nothing overwhelming, but this two-flat has no pretenses of being a luxury rental property. But at the same time, it's move-in ready and could start generating income shortly after closing.

·4442 North Sawyer Avenue, Chicago, IL [Estately]
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