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One of Chicago's Most Eccentric Homes Returns to the Market

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Real estate listing agents often use buzzwords to describe homes, and phrases like "unique" or "one of a kind" can lose their meaning when used over and over again. However, the landmark Myron Bachman House at 1244 W Carmen Avenue in the Uptown neighborhood is certainly a unique one — if in a very eccentric way. This 2,000-square-foot home began its life back in 1890, but was completely remodeled by architect Bruce Goff in 1948. The house, with its corrugated aluminum and geometric shapes, was certainly modern for its time, and it still looks unconventional compared to the frame two-flats and brick three-flats we're all used to seeing in Chicago. The house entered the market in August 2014, seeking $599,000, but it had some problems though.

The listing photos displayed a house with some major issues, both inside and out. However, the Myron Bachman House returns this week looking cleaned up and much more photogenic. In addition, it's also returned with a price cut. The house has an eccentric — almost bizarre — vibe to it, but that should be expected when it comes to an architect like Goff. After its latest price reduction, this Chicago landmark can be had for $475,000.

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