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Grant Program Will Help Vintage Bungalow Owners Warm Up

Winter's howling arctic air may sting a little less for vintage homeowners thanks to a recent energy-saving grant program designed to seal-up drafty bungalows and other older residences. Set up by the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association, a non-profit organization specializing in the maintenance and preservation of the iconic Chicago-style of home, the program is designed with better thermal performance and cost savings in mind. Each grant, valued at $3,600, goes towards weatherization services such as attic insulation and wind sealing along walls, windows, foundations, and other weak spots that typically lend themselves to heat loss in older brick homes.

Those looking to join the 4,000 Chicago homeowners who have already taken advantage of the program can learn more and enroll by visiting the HCBA's energy efficiency webpage. To qualify for a limited-time grant, an applicant must be owner of a single-family bungalow or vintage home and have income no greater than 80% of the area's median household income. Potential applicants can calculate their Area Median Income (AMI) by clicking here. Once preliminary applications are approved, HCBA's weatherization contractors will visit the property to conduct an energy assessment before deciding which upgrades fit each home best. While the rewards of owning a charming historic home often come with their fair share of headaches, the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association hopes to make winter a little more bearable by helping owners go green while also saving some cash.

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