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One of the Loop's Oldest Buildings is Being Demolished

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One of the Loop's oldest buildings is now down to its first floor as demolition crews continue dismantling the Osborne & Adams Leather Co. building on Lake Street. Built sometime between 1872 and 1874, the four-story building was one of the few surviving relics of the city's rush to rebuild after the devastating fire of 1871 that claimed much of Chicago's downtown. According to photographer and blogger Gabriel X. Michael, there are currently only 21 such buildings in the Loop. And while these old buildings represent a piece of Chicago history, only ten are protected as city landmarks. Beyond their age, these buildings are unique as they were built after the Great Chicago Fire but predate the advent of the skyscraper. And like many other older, unprotected buildings, this one is being demolished to make way for a new residential tower. A 33-story yellow steel and glass tower with 265 apartments is being planned for the site.

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