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Thousands Want to Dump the Trump Tower Into the Chicago River

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A group of Chicagoans are tired of facing the 20-foot-tall letters that spell out Donald Trump's name on the glassy 92-story skyscraper that stands prominently along the Chicago River, and have started a (satirical) campaign to toss the tower into the water. The event, titled "It's Time to Relocate the Trump Tower to the Chicago River" has received over 9,000 RSVPs and another 19,000 people have expressed interest. So instead of merely debadging the Adrian Smith-designed highrise, thousands of city residents think that it is time to give the tower a freezing cold bath in the Chicago River. The suggestion of relocating the building, a practice that was frequently witnessed during the mid-1800s, comes from a Columbia College film student, DNAinfo reports. "We need all the help we can get to lift the Trump Tower into the Chicago River," the event reads. "Citizens of our city did it before with other buildings, so why can't we do the same?"

The letters, spelling out T-R-U-M-P in stainless steel, were attached near the base of the tower in the summer of 2014 after receiving approval from Alderman Brendan Reilly (42nd) and city zoning administrator Patricia Scudiero. After being installed, the sign ignited a debate among Chicagoans and even caused city hall to consider banning such signage from being installed along the Chicago River. The event page wants its thousands of followers to meet at the Trump on January 29 to give the tower a bath.

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