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Posh Printer's Row Three Bedroom Loft Seeks $775K

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Here's a refinished South Loop loft that pleases on several levels. First of all, with three bedrooms and three bathrooms spread over 2,000 square feet, there's plenty of room to spread out and feel cozy. But most importantly, the photos reveal a renovation that's quite nice and mix of different styles and materials. The unit sports raw, concrete slab walls, but the ceilings boast both striking timber and dark steel support beams. The space is also ideal for entertaining as this unit comes with a free-standing wet bar area. Fans of subway tile the faux industrial look may want to take a close look at this unit. This one can be had for three quarters of a million bucks.

40 E 9th St #1406 Chicago, IL 60605 [Redfin]
·Lofty Living archives [Curbed Chicago]