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Charming Victorian on Beer Baron Row Has a Couple of Nice Surprises Inside

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This seemingly quaint single family home on Hoyne Avenue may seem polite and petite from the exterior, but it's actually quite spacious inside and out. Located along Wicker Park's famous Beer Barons Row, the home has been completely gutted and rehabbed and while it may not be overly flashy, it does indeed impress. The kitchen finishes are very sleek and subdued, but just behind it is the best part—a fully enclosed glass sitting room. The listing agent calls it a "year-round heat-controlled conservatory," but it's obviously designed to be used for lounging and taking on some natural light. The home also includes two wood burning fireplaces and a finished basement. Up top is a balcony off the master bedroom and then there's another deck space above the garage. The backyard is landscaped and arranged for dining and entertaining during the warmer months. This home is mostly brand new, but it's not a contempo behemoth in Lincoln Park. It has hit the market asking $1.39 million.

·1236 N Hoyne Ave. Chicago, IL 60622 [North Clybourn Group]
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