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WGN Shines Spotlight on New Logan Square Developments, Neighborhood Battles

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If you've been following new neighborhood developments for the last few years then you know that Logan Square has become one of the hottest areas in Chicago. But with its new cocktail bars, Michelin-starred restaurants and coffee shops comes new residents and rising rent costs. The battle over new developments in Logan Square has been well highlighted on this blog and by other outlets that cover neighborhood news. WGN recently walked through the Logan Square neighborhood to check out construction sites and to talk with residents about their concerns regarding the changing tides of the area and the new developments that are geared towards higher income residents. In the story, WGN speaks with members of Somos Logan Square organization and a rep of the Metropolitan Planning Council, which has been working with community leaders on the planning for future developments. The neighborhood has become a hot spot not just for new developments, but specifically for transit-oriented developments (TODs).
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