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West Loop Condo Project Receives Aldermanic Support

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The fighting over a controversial residential plan for the West Loop may have finally reached its conclusion. Right before the the long Labor Day weekend, DNAinfo reported that Alderman Walter Burnett Jr. has pledged support for LG Development's plan to build a new condo project at 111 S. Peoria. The project had previously proposed rental units and quickly became one of the most contentious plans for the area, igniting a wave of opposition and even causing one neighborhood group to come up with a competing community center proposal.

Originally, the plan proposed a 13-story, 205-unit rental building but the final plan calls for a nine-story, 95-unit condo building. The design has also been tamed a bit, going from a mixed-material contemporary look to a more neutral brick and glass structure that falls in line with the West Loop's industrial aesthetic. The proposal will still need to earn an approval from the Chicago Plan Commission and the City Council before it can officially be called a done deal.

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