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Map Tool Offers a Look Into the State of Two-Story Residences

The real estate deep freeze of the recession is far behind us now and new construction activity has been on the rise. Beyond the construction of new downtown highrises, developers are demolishing old frame homes and flats throughout the city's neighborhoods at an alarming pace to make way for new single family homes and condos. Chicago Cityscape has a new map tool that offers a portrait of the state of two-story residences throughout the city. From new construction to renovations to demolitions, the map offers viewers insight on which areas are hot for each type of permit. The map focuses specifically on masonry two-story residences and includes permit data from January 1, 2006 to August 29, 2015. Several neighborhoods on the South Side have been witnessing a boom in new construction while the north and northwest sides have seen a solid mix of renovations and new construction. Demolitions are higher in the West Side than in other areas, but new construction has been slow.

Key: Green = new construction, Purple = renovations, Red = demolitions

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