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Mega Mall Redevelopment Plan Returns With Major Updates

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All has been quiet on the northwest front in Logan Square in regards to the redevelopment of the neighborhood's Mega Mall indoor market, but the developers have recently finalized and filed their plans with the city. Many developers are rushing to get their paperwork submitted before the new Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO) rules kick in on October 13, and by submitting their Planned Development application, Terraco has finally offered an updated look at the massive development that is looking to plant itself on Milwaukee Avenue in the heart of the Logan Square neighborhood. Like several others proposed for Milwaukee Avenue, the new Logan's Crossing development is poised to become a major game changer by delivering a large number of new residences and retail space to the area. According to the new numbers, the plan will now include 240 apartments, down from 267 units and the development's height has been lowered to 83'. In addition, the plan will feature nearly 114,000 square feet of retail space, 313 parking stalls, 125 bicycle parking spaces and five loading spaces. However, the most noticeable and dramatic change is in the building's appearance.

The building's aesthetic has been completely overhauled with the monolithic post-suburban slash Eastern Bloc vibe being exchanged for a more masonry industrial look. At a community meeting held in May, some residents voiced concerns about the development's massing and height, but also the building's overall aesthetic and how it would or wouldn't fit in with the neighborhood. The community group Logan Square Preservation asked the developer and architect to deliver a project that was more "sensitive" to the area's historic character, and Antunovich Associates has done exactly that. The proposal is one of those very rare cases where the developer and architect actually made use of the community's input and then later came back with a plan that looks 1,000 times better than what was first presented. The nicest change is the introduction of a clock tower on the northwest end of the development that faces the Illinois Centennial Monument. All in all, all parties involved have shown that developers, local elected officials and community groups can actually work together on proposals and ultimately deliver a superior product. Is it too early to call the new Mega Mall a success? The alderman's office tells DNAinfo that the deal isn't done just yet so there could actually be more changes to come.

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