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Northwest Side, Pilsen Offer Best Values for Two Bed Rentals

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There's no shortage of two bedroom apartments throughout many parts of the city, and it shouldn't be too surprising that the median rental prices for Chicago two bedroom apartments has remained relatively stable throughout the last year. Earlier this week, apartment search site Domu offered a portrait of the rental landscape for one bedroom apartments, and today they have published data that explores the world of two bedroom rentals.

According to the information, downtown neighborhoods are the priciest for two bedroom apartments while the far northwest side and Pilsen on the near southwest side offer the best value. Specifically, Portage Park is mentioned as being the most affordable neighborhood on the map with a median rental price of only $1,175 for a two bedroom apartment. Similar to the one bedroom rental report, Domu analyzed data pulled from apartment listings from the last twelve months and the prices represent listed rents versus actual rents. The news shouldn't be too surprising, but it is clear that areas that were once known for great deals (Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Uptown) are getting pricier.

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