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Lathrop Redevelopment Could Include Riverwalk, Boat Launch

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News on the massive redevelopment effort of the Julia C. Lathrop Homes along the North Branch of the Chicago River has come at a slow trickle over the last year, but the planned development application from the project's stakeholders offers the most comprehensive look at the plan yet. Developer Related Midwest is partnering with the Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation, Heartland Housing and the Chicago Housing Authority on the ambitious project, which encompasses a 1.265 million square foot area. The recently submitted application has a number of maps and even some elevations of the new buildings from bKL Architecture that will stand on the west side of the Clybourn, Damen and Diversey intersection. However, one of the more interesting revelations is that the plan includes several new park and recreation spaces. The map of the site shows that a dog park, playground, a "Great Lawn," a boat launch and a new stretch of riverwalk are all being planned for the redevelopment.

These amenities would be a part of the redevelopment's first phase, which focuses on the property north of Diversey. The historic buildings in this area of the project will be preserved and renovated while the property south of Diversey would feature new buildings and updated infrastructure. A new six-story building will anchor the southeast corner of the area. Total numbers are still a work in progress, but the redevelopment could deliver just over 1,200 residences and over 800 parking spaces. The complete application, which offers more details on each phase, can be downloaded from Alderman Scott Waguespack's website.

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