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$595K Damen Ave. Building Could Be Sweet Live-Work Space

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Here's an interesting property in the Ukrainian Village area that could use some creativity and a little bit of work. The property is listed as a two-flat but could be a really cool live-work space. The first floor is an old retail space that has been converted, but looks like a salon (is it a salon?). Either way, this strip of Damen would be great to run a small business and having an apartment upstairs would make for one quick commute. It's zoned for residential, so trying to open a storefront could be a pain, but there is plenty of room for creativity. The listing agent does mention that the building has issues with flooding and indicates that the roof leaks. These won't be inexpensive fixes, but the $595,000 asking price isn't totally ridiculous considering how popular the area is. No matter which way you decide to go with it, the place has potential and could not only be a residence but also a nice work space.

·1052 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60622 [Redfin]