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New Board Game Will Highlight 1893 World's Fair in Chicago

Chicago has long had a reputation as an incubator for stand-up comedians, but the city's gaming scene shouldn't be overlooked. A recently launched Kickstarter campaign is looking to raise $10,000 to produce a new board game based on the World's Columbian Exposition. And within hours of launching the fundraiser, the Dallas-based Foxtrot Games has already passed the halfway mark. Simply titled World's Fair 1893, the game allows up to four players to act as fair organizers and to shape the events and exhibitions. The White City's architecture and famous Chicago elites make appearances in the game, and players have to earn enough "support" to take control of the fair from other players. With the announcement of production for Devil in the White City gearing up, Chicago World's Fair fever is about to sweep the nation.

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