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Modern Wicker Park House Has Huge Yard and Chicken Coop

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Do you want to raise some chickens but also want to be near Wicker Park's bustling food and nightlife scene? This sleek five bedroom house on a 4,500-square-foot lot near the Division Blue Line station covers both bases. Described as "Big Sur meets Wicker Park" by the listing agent, this house is certainly unique in the sense that it boasts a modern, almost-barn inspired architectural look but does actually have enough space to garden and have a few chickens. The listing agent indicates that this home's owner did specifically have this house designed and built based on their time in Northern California. While the weather in Chicago is certainly not as hospitable, those looking for an interesting house with enough space for outdoor activities and hobbies might want to consider this one. While it does have a laid back Big Sur vibe, the $1.3 million price tag is a bit more serious.

·1730 West Crystal Street, Chicago, IL [Estately]