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See the Floor Plans for Vince Vaughn's Huge Triplex Penthouse

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With the recent sale of his River North townhouse, Vince Vaughn has reduced his Chicago real estate portfolio to a single property — a three-level, 12,000-square-foot penthouse atop the Palmolive Building. Not only does Vaughn have sweet views of downtown and the Magnificent Mile from his perch, but he's also got tons of room for entertaining and lounging. It spans three levels and could be considered the ultimate bachelor pad. The penthouse is not only notable for belonging to Vaughn, but the space was once the office of Playboy chief Hugh Hefner. Vaughn's even kept Hef's original office space in tact. So, what's a property like this go for? A lot. Vaughn originally listed the penthouse for a mindboggling $24.7 million, but has since lowered the ask by nearly half. When the property was last on the MLS, Vaughn was seeking $13.9 million.

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