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76-Story Rafael Viñoly-Designed Tower Planned for South Loop

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A new tower proposal unveiled last night to a packed audience could become one of the tallest buildings in Chicago, and the tallest for the South Loop neighborhood. Developer Crescent Heights and architect Rafael Viñoly revealed a 76-story tower plan for 113 E. Roosevelt Road that might not just be one building, but possibly twin skyscrapers for the south end of Grant Park. The project would be Crescent Heights' first new construction project for Chicago, and the aim would be to "anchor the south end of Grant Park." The almost modular looking project would be built in phases and could ultimately produce nearly 800 new apartments for the area. Because of the sheer scale of the development, the plan would include apartments of varying sizes, floor plans and prices. According to Viñoly, the plan would present a number of options for folks in different price ranges and needs, stating that the project is "not just an architectural idea, but an urban design idea."

The proposal is a pretty big deal for the South Loop, as the tower would not only be the neighborhood's tallest at 829', but it also ups the ante when it comes to selecting notable architects for projects in the area. The idea is to build a memorable tower, but Viñoly is also trying to remain somewhat conservative as to avoid proposing something that may age poorly. Stating that "iconic buildings are buildings that look weird," Viñoly wants to deliver something that is not only ambitious, but also shows respect to Chicago's architectural legacy.

If the plan moves forward as proposed, construction of the massive undertaking could take two years to complete. The developer would start on the eastern tower first, which would be the shorter of the two. The proposal is seeking a LEED Silver certification and 125,000 square feet of retail would be offered at the base of the towers. Stay tuned as the proposal continues to evolve. The South Loop could be getting a major change to its landscape in the next couple of years.

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