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Contempo Larry Booth-Designed Michigan Getaway Asks $949K

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New house and condo listings in Chicago have slowed down to a trickle this week, but there are a handful of really great listings for weekend retreats that are within a couple of hours drive from the city. One of the best available at the moment is this slate-colored country retreat designed by Larry Booth of Booth Hansen. The house has a very contemporary feel but also has a familiar barn house vibe to it as well. It's situated on 57 acres in Lakeside, Michigan and is currently asking $949,000. Not only is there a ton of land to explore and to relax on, but the house itself has some nice amenities, including a pool, hot tub, a wood-burning fireplace and an outdoor kitchen space. According to Google Maps, this retreat is only an hour and a half drive from the Loop. The autumn season is coming up, and there's plenty of time to enjoy the cooler weather and changing leaves.

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