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Classic Finkl Steel Signage Available to Anyone Who Wants It

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The former A. Finkl & Sons complex in Lincoln Park has been reduced to rubble, but Chicago history buffs may be able to keep their own piece of the old industrial facility. According to DNAinfo, the property manager is offering the Finkl steel signage that lined Cortland Street to anyone interested in coming to get it. The classic sign would be a huge score for Chicago history and architecture buffs looking to repurpose it or display it. Perhaps it'd be ideal for a industrial-themed bar or restaurant? Earlier this year, the Finkl steel campus was listed on Preservation Chicago's list of most endangered buildings, but the campus' old signage may actually live on.

The last time an iconic sign was offered for free, the sign ended up being demolished anyways. Hopefully the Finkl steel signage won't have the same fate as the Googie-era "Z" Frank Chevy sign that overlooked Western Avenue for decades. Perhaps another benefit auction could be in store?

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