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Suburban Tudor Purges Taxidermy Collection, Gets New Photos and Price Cut

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What was once a simply horrifying listing with an absurd asking price is now a whimsical suburban house with a steep ask. When this River Forest Tudor Revival listed last summer, it was one of those houses that just seemed like a total nightmare for a real estate agent. It was in rough shape and asking $5.2 million, but that wasn't the worst part. The listing photos revealed a large house that was stuffed with dozens of dead animals. Although taxidermy has become trendy for hip new restaurants and bars, this collection was far from ironic — it was just straight up scary.

The home exited the market this past June and underwent some much needed improvements. First and foremost, the home has been tidied up and the taxidermy collection has been removed. Secondly, the listing has some nice photos that actually make the house look charming instead of frightening. And finally, the asking price has been slashed by nearly $2 million. Is the $3.5 million ask still too high? Yeah, probably. But at least it's not entirely delusional. Or is it?... If this suburban mansion was a senior in high school, it probably would have been voted as the most improved house. And perhaps now that it's sat on the market for a year with no bites, the new listing will actually entice a future homebuyer.



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