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Lucas Museum's Updated Design Almost Ready for Prime Time

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George Lucas and Mellody Hobson have unveiled the updated design for the proposed Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, but only a select few have received the privilege of getting a first look at it. According to Crain's Shia Kapos, the power couple hosted a small gathering last night at the downtown office of architects VOA Associates Incorporated where several other Chicago museum leaders were in attendance. Lucas and Hobson are apparently being cautious with rolling out the new design.

The pair didn't offer printed renderings, but Kapos has hinted that the team will likely release the drawings "to media in coming weeks." Lucas was spotted last week at a magazine stand outside of Water Tower Place, possibly suggesting that the couple have been in town for some time working with city leaders and designers on rolling out the museum's new look. The mayor has also hinted at the new design, offering no other details other than the surrounding Studio Gang-designed landscape will be "open, accessible and free."
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