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Developer Wants to Plant Slim 41-Story Tower on Michigan Ave.

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We may as well get used to saying Millennium Mile, as the stretch of Michigan Avenue between the Chicago River and Millennium Park is gaining even more momentum. A handful of new projects are currently on the way to the stretch, but a developer is looking to build one more tower to the mix. According to Crain's, developer BJB Partners of Park Ridge wants to build a 41-story mixed user on the property just south of the Millennium Park Plaza apartment tower. The developer wants to bring a mix of hotel rooms and residences to the property, although it's not exactly clear whether they'd be condo or rentals. Crain's states that the property is smaller than a tennis court—so we're talking slim pickings here. New York is no stranger to tall, thin towers and there are even a couple of projects in tight quarters underway in Chicago. The developer had previously proposed a rental tower for the site, but it appears that they have crunched the numbers and believe that hotel rooms would be a better fit for the property.
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