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Chopped Down Mixed-User Near 606 Earns Community Support

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Milwaukee Avenue is set to receive yet one more apartment project now that the community input process has reached its conclusion. According to DNAinfo, Bucktown residents and Alderman Scott Waguespack have given the nod of approval to Centrum Partners after cutting down density on a mixed-use project for the northeast corner of Milwaukee and Leavitt. The developer had originally proposed a seven-story, 128-unit building for the site, which is currently a stand alone ALDI grocery store and surface parking lot, but had tweaked the proposal at least a couple of times to address concerns over height and density. The final proposal will fit 95 rentals and a nearly 18,000 square foot ALDI store into a five and a half story Hirsch Associates-designed building at the location, DNAinfo reports. The project will include various floor plans ranging from studios up to three bedroom rentals, but no affordable housing units will be built on site. Now that the plan is moving forward, construction could start as early as January.

The following renderings are of the second design iteration:

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